I’m not even sure I need this journal today, other than simply not to have missed a day. Okay, another day. The idea is that half an hour of writing here will clear my mind and get me in the mood for writing, but I’m already writing at this minute, with my better half.

I’d been believing that all writing had to be solitary, that although I could show her what I’d done and ask her to comment I couldn’t produce alongside her. But this session of writing is quickly showing how massively stupid that is.

Perhaps that’s because we’re ‘drafting’ – something I still struggle with keeping in my mind, and have spent the last four days scratching my head over a total of two lines. The second of which I’ve changed, rearranged and still don’t feel happy with. But she won’t allow me to derail the effort like that.

Of course, it’s not plain sailing – we’re two minds and so occasionally we’re looking at the lines in different ways or following different thoughts. But the crucial thing is that we are two minds thinking at once, and firing off oneanother’s attempts at pinning down the line we really want.

But already we’ve worked together to improve an existing line and nail down the ending of the verse, and her ideas and questions are forcing me to get answers out of the poem that I would not have got otherwise, likely not even looked for otherwise.

All in all, this has been a box-ticking exercise. But regardless, I’m writing.


About Ben Catley-Richardson

Writer, reader, husband. Father!
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