Stopping the echo

Very quickly, one of the the ideas which formed as I thought about my last post was how Twitter is both the worst and the best of the web as echo chamber.

That is, who follows someone that they disagree with? Who chooses to populate their timeline with opinions, views, links, comments or whatever which makes them challenge their thinking rather than reaffirms it?

A little masochistic, perhaps. But since there’s a Follow Friday hashtag, I wanted to come up with something which complements this “don’t miss out” shout but which finds you a different voice to listen to. Someone you might otherwise not have heard of, or even heard.

Polar Mondays is the best name I’ve got so far – mainly because I feel it’d be a positive start to everyone’s week if you were asked to rethink your thinking before your week has even started.

I kicked off with Richard Dawkins (for believers) or Rabbi Sacks (for atheists). But I don’t want to go all Today Programme ‘bunfight’ here. It’s about getting new perspectives, not about fighting against differences.

So then, you have the Twitter feeds of all government parties – if you’re a Labour member, you should know what the Conservatives are posting, and so on.

I’ve got a few days to think up a more inspired option than these two basic starting points. But I know I’ll be cutting down on the echo-follows and attempting to broaden my timeline.


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