#PolarMonday – 13 October 2011

ANOTHER UPDATE! I’ve finally cracked it. After writing my most recent post I wanted the project to really have a point, one which was obvious from the tag. And it was staring me in the face all along – #openminday. I have a great idea for the chosen follow, too.

UPDATE: Given that what I’m trying to do is broaden horizons rather than just aggressively counterpoint an opinion, I’ve retitled the project as MondayModifers. : D

My twitter timeline is full of comments, retweets and links to articles about the financial crisis. But I don’t know, intellectually, anything about the crisis beyond the opinion which is echoed back to me – bankers bad, capitalism bad, greed bad.

I’m not going to argue against that, and my Polar Monday project isn’t about arguments. It’s about trying to prompt intellectual discussion. So to escape the echo of similarly-minded but non-economist voices, I’ve sought out @shepleygreen.

Co-author of Philanthrocapitalism, Michael Green is a UK-based economist and writer, advisor to the Big Society Network and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Just a glance at his feed suggests I’ll see new and different articles and comments.

That’s what I’m trying to achieve – not hardcore opposition but intellectual debate. Something different to what I normally see in my timeline, something which will broaden and challenge my thinking.

Perhaps ‘polar’ is the wrong word entirely. Any suggestions?

Other follows for similar reasons could be @mattbish and the unauthorised @joestiglitz, but I’m going to just stick to one new follow a week.


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