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I’ve found reading about misogyny very moving, and while the women writers I’ve read present interesting/depressing facts and explain in well-judged detail their own experiences and the experiences of others, it’s the men who’ve written about it who have ultimately … Continue reading

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What lies behind online misogyny?

UPDATE As I am not acutely familiar with WordPress guidelines and terms of use, and because I am aware that the concept of objective reportage might not be widely accepted, I’ve chosen to censor this post. I do, however, stand … Continue reading

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Stopping the echo

Very quickly, one of the the ideas which formed as I thought about my last post was how Twitter is both the worst and the best of the web as echo chamber. That is, who follows someone that they disagree … Continue reading

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Plato’s Echo Chamber

It’s not new. We create groups of friends who share our opinions, talk with colleagues who agree with our views and read newspapers that give us the information we want – or think we want. We work for organisations who … Continue reading

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Am I becoming Thatcher’s greatest achievement?

Not just me, you understand, but so many of the people like me – born in the 1980s, grown up in the 90s, degree educated in the new millenium and now old enough to both have a job paying better … Continue reading

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