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Some days you realise just how much harder you really have to work. Just how much you’re letting yourself get away with. And just how far you’ve got to go. Yet, at the same time, it’s these days which show … Continue reading

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Can Social Media save commenting? #killcomments

In the weeks since I wrote about killing comments and explored my own theory for what lies behind online misogyny (and beyond), prompted by the inspiring discussions of @helenlewis and @pennyred, I’ve tried to explore how my suggestion – that social … Continue reading

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#OpenMinday @helenlewis @pennyred @belledejour_uk @red3blog

UPDATE My wife, having read my words below, is furious with me for not properly explaining the whole point here. #OpenMinday is about challenging what you think you know and feel, compelling you to consider what you think you actually … Continue reading

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It is time to kill comments

UPDATE – In the interests of maintaining the debate, I’ve posted some further thoughts and responses to some of the people who contacted me following this post… I’ve written before about how commenting and forums leeched my will to exist … Continue reading

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Why I stopped writing

Or, how forums and comments gradually eroded my capacity to give a shit about videogames journalism. Me and my girlfriend have been talking a lot recently about ‘the quest’. That undeniable feeling that there’s meaning out there to be discovered, … Continue reading

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