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#OpenMinday – Three Men and a Baby and the capacity of all men @TheRealNimoy @_TomSelleck @TedDanson1947

The song over the opening titles of Three Men and a Baby (“Boys will be boys, bad boys, bad boys, nothing but trouble”) hints that you’re about to watch a film about overgrown boys struggling to grow up and face … Continue reading

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Some heroes, and a few thoughts: Simon Jones. His catalogue of comebacks are inspirational – there’s a seriously moving interview with him in the Guardian, I think at the beginning of last season, as the man who destroyed Australia with … Continue reading

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So that’s that out the way then. Except that there’s plenty more besides for me to recall and cringe, but to throw it all out now would be more of a gluttonous confession than a useful exploration. What I want … Continue reading

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I’m struggling to maintain a coherent thread here, largely because I’m trying to simply continue any train of thought, but also because I’m getting lost in point-making or setting up arguments or attempting to draw conclusions. What I should just … Continue reading

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When I got my first job as a videogames journalist, I think my mum found it quite pleasing that I’d ‘proved her wrong’, that my not-so-sensible option had come good. Another favoured memory was the wry comment a friend’s mum … Continue reading

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Talking to boys

I think this is probably two posts, muddled and confused and with no hope of ever being extricated into two whole arguments. I spent a time trying to find exactly what I was trying to say in the fuzzy paragraphs … Continue reading

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