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#OpenMinday – Cheating, high-brow laddism and Venn diagrams @EricAndersonPhD @OMGchronicles @WomanSavers @DatingExpert @SarahJSymonds

What is Open Minday? There are only two reasons why cheating happens. Either you’re not right for your partner, or you’re not being honest with them. Any other excuse is merely justification for avoiding either fact. Crucially, more often than … Continue reading

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In my first year at secondary school (I was about 15) I sat in the canteen and tried to convince my friends of the fantastic benefits that being a-sexual would bring. I had a whole concept, a fantastical made up … Continue reading

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There’s something hot and heavy about a final draft. I was editing a ghost story I’d written before Christmas, in the final few hours of a week’s work, juggling the things I needed to finish in the office with putting … Continue reading

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#OpenMinday @Ladygod1va and naturism

What is #OpenMinday? Find out… Update: Just to clarify, my wife is a Humanist Celebrant. She was interested in striking up a partnership with naturists, to help people have the wedding ceremony which fits with their lives. We’re not naturists … Continue reading

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So that’s that out the way then. Except that there’s plenty more besides for me to recall and cringe, but to throw it all out now would be more of a gluttonous confession than a useful exploration. What I want … Continue reading

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I should know, as an ex journo of any stripe, that one of the only hoary old rules of writing that’s actually worth listening to, heeding and tattooing on the backs of your hands is “Write what you know”. There … Continue reading

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So I went backwards. The rambling beginning was excusable, getting back into the swing of things, but the guiltfeast was anything but. I was just starting to hold strong to the knowledge that I have a right to feel the … Continue reading

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