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I’m very good at hiding. Videogames were always good for that, head down and lose yourself in someone else’s vision. Books often, though not so much recently – something engrossing, interesting, colourful. Escapism. Podcasts. Gadgets. Porn, I guess, to a … Continue reading

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So I went backwards. The rambling beginning was excusable, getting back into the swing of things, but the guiltfeast was anything but. I was just starting to hold strong to the knowledge that I have a right to feel the … Continue reading

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When I got my first job as a videogames journalist, I think my mum found it quite pleasing that I’d ‘proved her wrong’, that my not-so-sensible option had come good. Another favoured memory was the wry comment a friend’s mum … Continue reading

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Why I stopped writing

Or, how forums and comments gradually eroded my capacity to give a shit about videogames journalism. Me and my girlfriend have been talking a lot recently about ‘the quest’. That undeniable feeling that there’s meaning out there to be discovered, … Continue reading

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