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#OpenMinday – Cheating, high-brow laddism and Venn diagrams @EricAndersonPhD @OMGchronicles @WomanSavers @DatingExpert @SarahJSymonds

What is Open Minday? There are only two reasons why cheating happens. Either you’re not right for your partner, or you’re not being honest with them. Any other excuse is merely justification for avoiding either fact. Crucially, more often than … Continue reading

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#OpenMinday – The harassment of women and the fear of men @DawnHFoster

What is Open Minday? I’m sorry to every woman that I scoffed at for not walking home along a route that made them uncomfortable, but that I was happy with day or night. I’m sorry to every woman that I … Continue reading

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I had a fantastic hour in the studio last night, returning to write a story I’d struggled with before. Today, I spent the entire journey into work telling myself the arc of the three parts of the story as I … Continue reading

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#OpenMinday @helenlewis @pennyred @belledejour_uk @red3blog

UPDATE My wife, having read my words below, is furious with me for not properly explaining the whole point here. #OpenMinday is about challenging what you think you know and feel, compelling you to consider what you think you actually … Continue reading

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What lies behind online misogyny?

UPDATE As I am not acutely familiar with WordPress guidelines and terms of use, and because I am aware that the concept of objective reportage might not be widely accepted, I’ve chosen to censor this post. I do, however, stand … Continue reading

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